Shutter Materials & Designs

At Bright Light Shutters

We have a range of materials for you to choose from

The desired look, positioning and functionality of your shutters is key to deciding which material to choose. 

We are on hand with our expert advice to help you decide which material would be ideal for your shutters according to your unique specifications.

You can see the quality of the finish in every detail

5 Year Guarantee

PLS UK made UPVC shutters on 3-4 weeks lead times with a 10 year guarantee


Our poly shutters are manufactured using 100% waterproof Poly, all of which are aluminium reinforced to provide supreme strength and durability. 

  • Strong and durable
  • Water & Fireproof
  • High end finish

Our Poly shutters offer superb value for money

Our Poly shutters offer superb value for money and come with the added benefit of being water and fireproof. The most attractive benefit of our Poly shutters is that they are finished using a Polyurethane paint finish, which is the same high- end finish used on our hardwood ranges.

Monterey Pine

Our exquisite range of Monterey Pine Shutters is sourced all the way from New Zealand! FSC certified, also known as Pinus radiata (Radiata Pine),

  • Beautiful hardwood
  • All styles/upgrades available
  • Most durable, popular and recommended range

Great choice for full height and cafe style shutters

A beautiful hardwood that has been used for both construction and domestic uses for many years by furniture makers and flooring experts. Available in all styles and upgrades and a white paint finish only, we recommend Monterey Pine as a great choice for full height and cafe style shutters.


Part of our FSC certified hardwood range, Poplar is a great addition to the shutter range.

  • Fantastic joinery hardwood
  • Especially recommeded for heavy use shutters
  • Consistent knot free finish

Great for painted and stained finishes

Poplar has been used in the shutter industry for over 10 years now, its well-known worldwide as a fantastic joinery hardwood. Poplar is very easy to mould and profile, making it perfect for componentry products such as shutters. Poplar also take a finish very well, whether it be a painted or stained finish poplar provides a consistent knot free finish every time. Poplar is slightly heavier than our Abachi shutters, however it is more durable and makes a better solution for shutters that are going to be under heavy use, such as commercial projects.


Our Basswood shutters are exactly what we say they are, manufactured from FSC sourced 100% basswood. 

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Sourced
  • High end finish
  • Stunning quality

Stunning finish when painted or stained sddikiud 

 Our Basswood range is still the original and the best-suited material to manufacture shutters from. Our Basswood is slow-growing and very stable, which results in stunning shutters once fished in either a painted or stained finish. Basswood was our first shutter range and still oozes class, its stable and natural acoustic properties make for simply stunning shutters, that are built to last a lifetime.

White Ash

Our flagship White Ash shutters are manufactured from sustainably sourced FSC certified White Ash

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Sourced
  • Spectacular rich grain
  • Top quality build and finish

In a league of their own for quality and finish

This timber is rich in grain and provides a stunning shutter that is visually spectacular in both painted and stained finishes. Its rich grain is ever-present even with a painted finish, which gives our white Ash shutters their own character. Supremely strong and durable our white Ash shutters are in a league of their own in both build quality and finish. 

UPVC Material

UPVC Shutters are UK made with a 10 year guarantee and quick turn around times. Benefits include good insulation, durability and easy to service – No need to cut any trees either.

Our Design Options

Colour options

Due to the versatility of our shutters and our bespoke service, we are able to offer our shutters in a range of colours. We have standard options and a colour palette available for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you want to completely customise your colour choice, you can choose from the Dulux range.

louvre sizes and types

There are the standard elliptical louvres and we now also offer flat rebated louvres. We have a number of different louvre size options. We can advise what louvre size would work best for you by discussing the style you opt for and how much light you would like to let in.

47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm

Tilt rods

Dependent on the functionality you want to achieve with your shutters, we can provide a number of different tilt rods or mechanisms for how you close your shutters, including

Central tilt rods
Off-centre tilt rods
Hidden rod closure
Internal easy tilt


We offer a range of both visible pin and hidden hinges which are available for the same price. We can discuss this with you at a consultation.

We will advise on all the options and show samples

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