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At Bright Light Shutters

We have a range of materials for you to choose from

The desired look, positioning and functionality of your shutters is key to deciding which material to choose. We are on hand with our expert advice to help you decide which material would be ideal for your shutters according to your unique specifications.


Our shutters can be made from Paulownia which is a hardwood sourced from sustainable plantations. 

  • Sustainable option
  • Economic
  • Versatile
  • Insulating

Paulownia is great economic choice that offers versatility and a chic finish.

One of the many benefits of Paulownia is that it is an environmentally friendly option due to Paulownia being a fast-growing tree. The tree regrows from the roots which are left undamaged.  The procured wood is fine-grained and light in colour which makes it perfect for our shutters. It is possible to paint this wood in a range of colours whilst retaining its quality. In addition to this, Paulownia is an excellent insulator; it keeps out the cold during winter months and heat during summer. .


Basswood is also a hardwood but offers greater longevity than Paulownia as it is harder and heavier.

  • Strong and ultra-durable
  • Versatile
  • Odourless
  • Ideal for shaped windows

Great quality finish with a variety of colours available.

Basswood outperforms many other materials for shutters; it is ultra-durable and highly resistant to warping. This wood has a straight-grain and benefits from being odourless, versatile and lightweight but strong. Its versatility and strength lend the material to special and difficult shapes and louvres. Due to its longevity, it is more expensive than Paulownia but like Paulownia can be finished in a number of colours to a high-quality.


UPVC shutters are often the go-to choice for difficult spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Strong and ultra-durable
  • Versatile
  • Odourless
  • Ideal for  shaped windows

Our UPVC shutters have a high-quality painted finish.

UPVC is moisture and flame resistant. Therefore, in bathrooms you can rest assured that where other window dressings won’t fare well, your shutters will be long-lasting and undamaged by humidity. The thermal qualities of UPVC will enable your shutters to stand the test of time and continue to look their best for years to come. UPVC shutters are suitable for a number of styles. Like our Paulownia and Basswood ranges, our UPVC shutters have a high-quality painted finish.

Our Design Options

Colour options

Due to the versatility of our shutters and our bespoke service, we are able to offer our shutters in a range of colours. We have standard options and a colour palette available for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you want to completely customise your colour choice, you can choose from the Dulux range.

Louvre sizes

We have a number of different louvre size options. We can advise what louvre size would work best for you by discussing the style you opt for and how much light you would like to let in.

47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm

Tilt rods

Dependent on the functionality you want to achieve with your shutters, we can provide a number of different tilt rods or mechanisms for how you close your shutters, including

Central tilt rods
Off-centre tilt rods
Clear-view hand closure
Hidden-view hand closure


We offer a range of both visible pin and hidden hinges which are available for the same price. We can discuss this with you at a consultation.

We will advise on all the options and show samples

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