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Esher homes are renowned for their sophistication and grace. At Bright Light Shutters, we appreciate the architectural brilliance of the region and offer window shutter designs that can uplift any space. Our carefully curated range of shutters is bound to elevate the aesthetics of your interiors, perfectly complementing the architectural style of your home.

1. Full Height Shutters

The classic. Full height shutters cover your entire window, providing the maximum amount of privacy and light control. Crafted with precision, our full height shutters seamlessly blend with your interiors, presenting a coherent look throughout the home. They are an ideal choice for tall windows, patio doors, or any space where undivided coverage is desired.

2. Tier on Tier Shutters

Flexibility at its best. Tier on tier shutters offer two separate sections that can be adjusted independently, allowing you to control light and privacy as per your needs. The top can be opened to let in sunlight, while the bottom remains shut for privacy or vice-versa. They are especially suitable for bedroom and living areas.

3. Cafe Shutters

Capture the spirit of the French bistro right in your living room! Cafe shutters cover just the lower half of your window, allowing sunlight to stream in from the top. They are ideal for ground-level windows or spaces where you desire a mix of privacy and sunlight. A perfect choice for those looking for a blend of continental flair and functionality.

4. Solid Shutters

Embodying sheer elegance, solid shutters provide complete light blockage and heightened privacy. With their full-panel design, they add a touch of vintage charm to any space. Ideal for bedrooms or spaces where total light control is paramount, these shutters also offer added insulation.

5. Special Shaped Shutters

Every home has its unique charm, and some windows defy the conventional. Our special shaped shutters are custom-made to fit any window shape – be it arched, circular, or triangular. Tailored to precision, they ensure that even the most uniquely shaped windows get the shutter they deserve.

6. Tracked Shutters

Best suited for large windows or patio doors, tracked shutters glide smoothly on a track system. They can be easily folded away to the side, offering a clear view and an abundance of natural light. When closed, they offer the same benefits as full height shutters, but with the added flexibility of movement.

7. Blackout Shutters

Yearning for an uninterrupted night’s sleep? Our blackout shutters are the answer. Featuring an integrated blackout blind behind the shutter, they offer complete darkness, making them perfect for bedrooms or any space where minimal light is desired. Besides, they also provide enhanced noise insulation.

Bright Light Shutters: A Commitment to Excellence

At Bright Light Shutters, our goal is to provide you with shutters that reflect your personal style and meet your functional needs. Using only the highest quality materials, each shutter is crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail.

Whether you have a contemporary home seeking a modern touch or a historic house longing for vintage charm, our range of window shutters in Esher promises to meet and exceed your expectations.

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