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Keeping your window shutters in Surbiton clean

Tips on maintaining your window shutters in Surbiton

Picture this… you’ve just had brand new window shutters in Surbiton for your lovely home, but they’ve started to collect dust and you want to ensure you take proper care of them – where do you begin?

Luckily, Bright Light window shutters in Surbiton are here to help you with our top tips for window shutter maintenance!

  1. Anything made of wood will not cope well with excessive moisture so go easy on using water-based products to clean your window shutters in Surbiton.
  2. Generally speaking, a clean, dry cloth is all you need to remove dust and debris from your window shutters in Surbiton.
  3. Tilt your louvres to an open position and wipe each slat from the centre to the outer edge using a dry microfibre cloth.
  4. Getting into the corners can be challenging, so a clean and dry toothbrush to tackle those nooks and crannies works wonders.
  5. For more stubborn stains or removing sticky finger prints, a damp cloth will work well to lift stains from your window shutters in Surbiton.
  6. If you’ve got the vacuum out and you have a soft upholstery attachment, you can save time by using this the same way as you would with a duster.

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