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Bespoke window shutters for your Guildford property

We design, manufacture and install window shutters for Guildford. Bright Light Shutters are experts in the trade, with 5 years of experience, we know how to provide a quality service with high-end results. Our service puts you at the centre. Our bespoke window shutters ensure that your finished product is perfect for your property. We work closely with you throughout to guarantee that we have your goals in mind and together, create the perfect window shutters for your room. We give you plenty of choice to ensure that your window shutters are exactly as you want them. With our window shutters, we can transform your home.

plantation swindow shutters installed in Guildford area

Window shutter services Guildford

Our service is what makes us special. With our industry experience, we recognise that our clients need options in order to be able to create the perfect window shutters for them. As such, we offer our clients a completely bespoke service that prioritises their needs and preferences.

What makes our window shutters bespoke?

A wide range of shutter styles

We offer our clients a wide range of shutter styles to choose from. Not all shutters suit all rooms or all people. People have different tastes and want different things from their shutters, our range caters to this.

Choice in materials

Window shutter materials are important. To decide on your window shutter materials you should consider your budget and which room your shutters are for. We offer three different materials to ensure our clients can find something suitable.

Design options

We want to offer our clients choice down to every little detail. This means from window shutter colours to tilt rods, you’re in control over the finished look for your window shutters Guildford.

Shutter solutions for your problem spaces

Thanks to our bespoke window shutters, we can provide all our clients with window shutter solutions. Sometimes our homes present us with quirky but awkward spaces and this is true for window shapes and sizes. Fortunately, at Bright Light Shutters this isn’t a problem. With our made to measure service, we can design, install and manufacture window shutters for all windows. Those unique and quirky windows in your home should be celebrated, so let us help by accentuating them with our window shutters.

How does it work?

Our friendly and reliable team will be by your side throughout the process.

We’re on hand to help with your ideas and questions.

  1. Consultation
  2. Quote
  3. Deposit
  4. Installation
  5. Quality check

Why choose us?

  • 5 years of experience and expert advice
  • 3-year guarantee for parts and labour
  • Choice of styles, materials and design
  • Competitively priced

Our friendly and reliable team will be by your side throughout the process.

We’re on hand to help with your ideas and questions.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly options available
  • Fully insured
  • Exceptional fitting standards and attention to detail

Shutters Testimonial

Window Shutters for Surrey clientSurrey
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He did my shutter and it was perfect , am very happy with the job , and I will recommend to anyone.

The work was perfectly done for my shutter and the price was reasonable, the work was so tidy and professional, I will highly recommend him, for any job next time

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