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We are a bespoke window shutter company operating in Leatherhead and surrounding areas. Our experience and industry knowledge has shown us that when it comes to shutters, options are everything. Given that no two rooms are the same, you need to have flexibility and choice when it comes to your window dressings. Fortunately, our window shutters Leatherhead can offer you a tailor-made service to produce the window shutters that are perfect for you and your home. If you want to update your property and give it the timeless, chic style it deserves, our window shutters are the best window dressing for you.

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Leatherhead Window Shutter Services

Our service is all about you. We want to find you the perfect window shutter match. Not all shutters suit every room, so it’s important to make choices tailored to your property. Our window shutter service in Leatherhead enables you to do this. We give you maximum choice in your window shutters, with an array of options in style, materials and design

Shutter Styles

Shutters are best known for their elegant style. When done right, your shutters will be the talking point of every property and wow guests when they step foot inside your room. However, there are so many window shutter styles to choose from depending on your personal preferences and your room’s set-up. With our wide range of style options, you’re sure to find something at Bright Light Shutters that suits you.

Materials and designs for window shutters

Our tailor-made service doesn’t stop at styles. Shutter materials and design features can make a big impact on your shutters. If you don’t have the right material for your shutters, they might not stand the test of time. We want our window shutters to be perfect for our clients, so we offer a range of materials to choose from.

Each of these materials have their benefits and could be the ideal material for your window shutters. Our selection is intended to cater to every need, so whatever you need from your shutters, our service can provide a solution.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a choice in your design features, from colours to tilt rods, you have complete control over your finished window shutters.

Why choose us?

Bright Light Shutters should be your top choice for window shutters in Leatherhead.

  • Competitively priced
  • Tailor-made shutters to suit every property
  • A range of choices in style, material and design
  • 5 years of experience and expert advice
  • Problem space solutions
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly options available
  • Fully insured
  • 3-year guarantee for parts and labour


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The engineers did such a fantastic job. Job was done on a very high standard. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to have window shutters fitted very competitive price - thank you Norbert and team.

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