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Should I choose window shutters, blinds or curtains?


How you dress your windows will depend on a range of factors, depending on your home, your budget and your personal preferences. There are a few things to weigh up when picking your window dressing to ensure that you make the right choice for you. As a window shutter company, it’s not surprising that we’re big shutter supporters, but we recognise that this might not be the right option for everyone or every window. In this article we consider the advantages and disadvantages of shutters, blinds and curtains to help you make a decision for your home.

Best fit for windows

Shutters are often the go-to option for the best fit. Shutters are bespoke made to fit your window’s proportions exactly, and then professionally installed by experts. Meanwhile, most blinds and curtains are mass-produced and not with your specific requirements in mind, so it is harder to find what you need. This might be ok for more standard windows. However, some windows are quirky and unique and window shutters help you to accentuate and show off these special features.


When it comes to affordability, blinds and curtains are a cheaper option. This is because they are often mass-produced and generally made of cheaper materials. However, where shutters are the more expensive option of the three, they are also longer-lasting and out-perform blinds and curtains in other aspects. It’s also important to note that where you spend more money short-term on shutters, they save you money in maintenance and their efficient insulating qualities. It is a good idea to prioritise what you want from your window dressings and consider how this works with your budget.

Light control and privacy

Window shutters are very versatile, so they offer the most control over your privacy and light. Window shutters come in an array of styles, so whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something that suits. Even within the styles themselves, shutters offer great flexibility. Your shutters can be adapted to suit your mood. They allow you to choose how much light you let in while deciding how you keep out prying eyes. Blinds and curtains do of course also offer some light control and can give you complete privacy too. However, the main difference lies in the flexibility the three can offer.


Style comes down to personal preference, so it is difficult to cast an overall winner. Generally, shutters are highly acclaimed for their chic, timeless beauty. They are a clean, contemporary addition to any home and are often a talking point. Similarly, though, blinds and curtains can be made just as stylish. This all depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve. Blinds and curtains can be designed in any number of ways so if you’re willing to spend the time looking for your perfect window dressing, then you can find it. Window shutters, blinds and curtains can all be stylish in their own right.

Durability and Maintenance

On the whole, window shutters take the lead in terms of durability. When the right material is used and they are treated with care, window shutters are a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time. Shutters are usually easy to clean, requiring little more than a frequent wipe down. One of the downsides of blinds and curtains is that their fabric can become damaged by UV rays or moisture. This isn’t always the case but is something worth considering.

This is just a brief guide on how window shutters, blinds and curtains compare on key factors. We think shutters deserve the praise they’re given. Ultimately, whether you should choose window shutters, blinds or curtains is a question of priorities and personal taste.

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